Monday, April 30, 2007

Hello, this is the weekly offers and sales from Nesfield Catering.

We are a small food business based in Ilkley.

We can provide good quality foods at very reasonable prices, we have a number of stock lines which includes......
Bacon 2.27k for £9.25
Excellent Hand Raised Pork Pies £1 each or 6 for £5
2.25k Green or Black pitted Olives for only £7 (ideal for Greek Salads)
Smoked Trout Fillets, 500g pack (usually 8 fillets) £6.75
Fresh & Frozen Meats
1kg fresh Ardennes, Brussels or Duck & Orange Pate £6
Fresh Salads made to order
Frozen Breads, Desserts, Buffet items

We can supply cooked joints for buffets, so if your oven isn't big enough to accomodate a whole ham or topside, we can cook it for you. We can also slice and dress buffet meats for you.

If you run a sports club / cricket club / Scouts & Guides etc, we can supply you with good quality, reasonably priced foods for car boot sales, buffets and other fund raising events.

Each week we put out an offer sheet, on a Monday, featuring weekly offers from our frozen food brokers, these items change each week and are sometimes short dated or factory seconds, I'll add notes on which items I have tried and what I think of the quality.

Here are this week's frozen food offers.

frozen in 2.5kg bags, on-going, a versatile product, and @ £11, a great choice. We have been told by several customers what a good product this is, especially suitable for the sandwich market. £11 per 2.5k bag.

20p each, min order 10. These are supermarket seconds with slight damage to the pastry but a very decent size for the price. 10 for £2.

8 THAI FILO ROLL SELECTION, comprising 4 DUCK, & 4 CHICKEN & CHIVE – £1 per box. These are supermarket overstock, we tried some on a buffet last week and thought they were really good.

Frozen 10” Quiche – Stilton & Broccoli, Spanish, Mushroom, or Salmon & Asparagus, 12” Quiche Lorraine or Cheese & Onion – all @ £6.00 each. You would get 12 fair sized slices from these, quality is pretty good.

500g tray of breaded brie or goats cheese croquettes - £1.50. We serve the goats cheese croquettes on our buffets, requires deep frying, very tasty.


Apple frangipane 1.3kg, preportioned into 10 £5
Peach frangipane 1.3kg, preportioned into 10 £5
(We tried these last week, they look and taste pretty good)

3 layer chocolate fudge, preportioned into 14 £6.50
(These look good)

Lemon Tarts, preportioned into 10 £8
(A very good qaulity tart)

Frozen goods orders must be placed with us by Thursday morning, they will be ready for collection on Friday, usually by 3pm onwards. Terms are stictly payment on collection, to keep our prices low we cannot offer credit.


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